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LightStorm Security LLC

LightStorm Security is a veteran-owned cybersecurity firm that focuses on innovative solutions to education and training within the industry. Based on our years of service in the industry, we understand that organizations struggle to find value in the training dollars they spend on their personnel, and that students of current training programs struggle to find real-world value in the time they spend attending training. LightStorm Security has developed training programs that are focused on the skills and knowledge areas of specific job roles, allowing students to learn how to perform actual cybersecurity functions while also allowing organizations to realize value in their training budget.  By putting personnel through job-focused training, and having that personnel learn real-world job skills, the organization gets back staff that are better equipped to perform at a high level in the workplace.

LightStorm Security also performs traditional cybersecurity services such as vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, incident response and more.  For additional information about our offerings, check out our Services.​

Our Team
Jeremy Willingham, President | Phone: 855-932-6623

Jeremy Willingham has a long history in cybersecurity and cybersecurity education. As a U.S. Marine, Jeremy performed various cyber-related functions including vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, network analysis, and incident response.  After separating, he transitioned to a career of education and training in the field of cybersecurity. Jeremy directed a commercial cybersecurity training program with courses in cyber operations, analysis, and development, was the architect for an internal training program for a major cybersecurity firm, and directed a government-focused operations training program. Jeremy has a passion for innovating education in cybersecurity, and that passion led to the creation of LightStorm Security.

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