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vulnerability analysis

incident response


LightStorm Security takes a unique approach to training by providing comprehensive job-role training in cybersecurity. Our philosophy for training is focused on practical application of concepts and ideas, allowing students to put in to practice what they are learning immediately. We also ensure a proper foundation for training by focusing on core cybersecurity knowledge areas that all job roles need to understand. By focusing on the skills required for the various job roles and the core knowledge areas, students have an understanding of the skills and actions involved in their job role, and how their job role fits in to a comprehensive security posture. For more information about our training offerings, please Contact Us.

Vulnerability Analysis

LightStorm Security offers vulnerability and penetration-testing services that your organization can use to determine the current state of your security posture.  Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests can be used to identify issues with configuration and patch management, as well as clarify the potential impact of a successful breach.  For more information about our vulnerability services, please Contact Us.

Incident Response

LightStorm Security also offers incident response and incident analysis services.  If your organization has suffered a breach of security, or are suspicious about activity on your network, we will gather and analyze the available information and provide our professional assessment of what happened, why it happened, and how to prevent it in the future. For more information about our incident response services, please Contact Us.

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